Let’s Write About Sex, Baby: The 60-Minute Seminar on Good Sex (Writing)

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You’ve read them. You’ve binge-watched them. But how do you write stories about sex and intimacy without sounding cheesy, cliché or worse? Led by experienced sex columnist and award-winning journalist Ana P. Santos, this one-hour seminar will help you discover your personal voice and guide you to writing about sex authentically and creatively. Whether you’re working on a memoir, an article or a book, this class will help you write prose that readers can connect with on a profound emotional level. Ana will share her insights gained over years of exploring desire and its intricate role in shaping our beliefs and our lives. Students in the class will analyze writing samples from a variety of different genres of literary sex writing. Together, the class will explore how words can communicate intimacy and desire, and discuss how to weave in messages of sensitivity and self-empowerment when writing about the taboo topic of sex.

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This class is right for you if…

  • You’re working on any kind of writing project that covers sex.

  • You have a lot to say about sex and you want to write in a way that engages readers.

  • You want your writing to resonate with vulnerability and raw, honest emotions.

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Instructor Bio: Ana P. Santos is an award-winning investigative journalist who reports on the intersections of gender, sexuality, female migrant labor, reproductive rights and gender justice. Her work has been published in The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Times, Al Jazeera and DW Germany. Ana writes “Dash of SAS,” short for Sex and Sensibilities, a gender and sexuality column for Rappler, a digital publication whose founders were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The column is now a video series about embracing positive sexuality and sexual rights. Ana has a postgraduate degree in gender and sexuality from the London School of Economics and Political Science as a Chevening scholar. She is currently based in Berlin, Germany, and Manila, Philippines, dividing her time between the two countries she calls home.

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