Narratively Writers Guidelines – Reported Stories

Aug 2, 2023

Thanks for accepting an assignment with Narratively! Please read these guidelines carefully before you start writing, and consult them again before submitting your first draft. 

The Big Picture

Every Narratively story is made up predominantly of active and dynamic scenes, told with lots of color and detail, as if the reader is watching these moments unfold. We know it’s a writing cliché, but show don’t tell is the most important thing to keep in mind when writing for Narratively. Give us the important background information as quickly as possible, and make sure the bulk of the story is made up of dramatic, immersive scenes. Even if you as a reporter did not actually see all of the story’s important moments in-person, we want you to gather enough information in your reporting to be able to recreate those moments in full, colorful detail.

Opening paragraphs are particularly important in order to get the attention of online readers. Your opening scene should be one of the most exciting mome…

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