Telling Your Story: The 60-Minute Seminar for Kickstarting Your Memoir


Cost: $45

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Writing a memoir can feel like an overwhelming task. You’ve lived a lot of life and it’s not easy deciding which parts to include in your story — not to mention how to open up, get vulnerable and grab readers’ attention. In this accessible and engaging hour-long introduction to memoir writing, celebrated author and writing coach Kern Carter will teach you how to find your voice, how to identify the parts of your life worth sharing and how to ensure that your memoir connects emotionally with readers. Building off his own experience as a teen father and high school dropout who ultimately graduated from university and built a successful writing career, Kern’s inspiring and uplifting approach to telling your story will have you ready to bare your soul on the page — whatever your background and experience level. You’ll learn how to capture the essence of who you are while telling a story people want to read and editors want to publish.

This seminar is right for you if:

  • You’ve been thinking about writing a story about your own life but don’t know how to get started.

  • You’ve begun writing a memoir but have hit some road blocks.

  • You’re a recent high school grad or a 90-year-old retiree! Wherever you are in life, if you have a story you want to tell, this class will help kickstart the writing process.

Instructor Bio: Kern Carter is a prolific writer, educator and mentor based in Toronto, Canada. With a passion for storytelling, Kern has authored three books (with two more coming in 2024), that have received critical acclaim and garnered a dedicated following. Kern’s memoir piece, “Diary of a Bachelor Who Suddenly Became a Solo Dad to a Teenage Girl,” was chosen by Narrativey’s editors as one of the best stories published in 2021. In addition to his impressive body of work, Kern is committed to supporting emerging writers and helping them find their voices. He has created several online platforms that provide a safe and welcoming space for new writers to share their stories and connect with others in the community. Kern’s writing workshops are known for their engaging and interactive approach, and he prides himself on keeping his workshops accessible so writers can consume and apply as much information as possible. 

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