The Expert’s Guide to Fact-Checking Your Nonfiction Book

Nonfiction authors face an extremely unfair challenge. Even the most carefully drafted book-length manuscripts are bound to have some errors, and while a thorough review for factual accuracy is standard practice for many magazines, most book publishers don’t pay for fact-checking. That sticks the author with the bill if they do take the important step of hiring a fact-checker… or the prospect of many sleepless nights if they don’t. Luckily, there are strategies that can give any author increased peace of mind without wasting their time or money. Veteran fact-checker Brad Scriber worked at National Geographic for decades, served on the National Fact-Checking Advisory Board for the Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT and has taught fact-checking to hundreds of journalists. In this intensive seminar, he’ll share what he’s learned from two decades spent reviewing the sourcing for award-winning writing on a wide variety of subjects — and he’ll show you how to make a fact-checking plan tailored to your own book. You will learn how the fact-checking mindset differs from the writing mindset, and how to evaluate and organize your own sourcing. And you’ll gain an understanding of how to review your own manuscript with a fact-checker’s eye, as well as how to decide when it’s necessary to call on outside help, and how to prepare for that.

This class has two components:

  • One 90-minute live seminar. (Students who can’t make the live session can also watch a recording of the full seminar.)

  • Following the seminar, all participants will have the opportunity to put lessons learned into action by submitting an annotated, self-checked excerpt of up to 500 words and receiving a personalized review from the instructor on their sourcing. 

Cost: $198

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Note: We are also offering 1/2-price seats ($99) for anyone who would like to sign up to attend the live seminar only. These 1/2-price seats do not include the personalized review.

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This is the right class for you if…

  • You have a nonfiction manuscript ready or in the works.

  • You have a book deal, a manuscript out on submission or you plan to self-publish.

  • You care about getting the story right and you want to sleep soundly as your pub date approaches!

After this class you’ll be ready to…

  • Head into your full fact-checking process with confidence.

All Narratively Academy classes are conducted online and accessible to students anywhere in the world.

Your Instructor: Brad Scriber spent nearly two decades as a fact-checker for National Geographic magazine, including a year running the research department. He served on the National Fact-Checking Advisory Board for the Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT. He has taught the fundamentals of fact-checking to hundreds of journalists in dozens of countries in seminars and trainings hosted by KSJ@MIT, the Poynter Institute, the National Association of Science Writers and others. He knows how much work goes into a well-researched piece of nonfiction writing, and he is eager to help you tell a powerful, resilient, true story.

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