Sex Ed

My analyst and I grew more intimately connected each week of treatment...but I never saw this indecent proposal coming.
Directors with gross demands. Feminists branding them as brainwashed. Five ’80s porn stars were over the not-so-sunny side of the Golden Age of Porn. So…
When I first realized the idea of mind control turned me on, I was shocked and embarrassed. But then I found the hypnokink community.
As a disabled woman, society has always told me I’m not sexy. I decided to prove them all wrong.
My detailed fantasy life began with explicit X-Files fan fiction in junior high. It took a long time for real-life sex to catch up.
Brash, bold and bisexual, Daniel Saynt is an only-in-New-York success story.
On giving up control while maintaining my power.
An excerpt from Vanessa Grigoriadis's new book about sex, power and consent on campus.
An eye-opening afternoon at The Chateau, with the fast-growing, feline sub-sect of the adult role-playing universe.
Yes, there are orgies and orgasm workshops. But even more fascinating is how 14 strangers turned this brownstone into the most supportive co-living…
Inside the makeshift online support groups where devout men go to break their taboo sex habits.
Everyone does it, but are we all doing it wrong? I sought out an expert to help perfect my solo sex practice.