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The 10 Most Popular Narratively Stories of 2018

The Holiness and Heartbreak of a Nonbinary Pastor

Editors’ Picks: The Best Narratively Stories of 2018

How Ghost Hunting is Like Living with Lyme Disease

Inside the Secret Society That Inspired the New Age Movement

The Day I Set Myself On Fire

The Dog Who Took the Witness Stand

My Coming Out Story, Starring a Priest, an Animal Sacrifice and Ricky Martin

Inside the Great Electromagnetic Resistance

My Mother Taught Me To Kill

Confessions of a Lesbian Ex-Nun

Jannie Duncan: “Beautiful Human” or Fugitive Killer?

I Was a Black Nazi Skinhead

Secret Life of the Professor Who Lives with Nazis

I Faked Epilepsy as a Child to Get Attention

The Sexual Assault Case That Shook Ancient Rome

My Unusual Path to Gay Parenthood

This 12-Step Group Meets in the Basement of a Fetish Shop

My Husband Doesn't Want Me to Be a Firefighter

This Novelist's Female Heroes and Brazen Polyamory Shocked Victorian England

Secret Life of a Leftist Doomsday Prepper

How This Narratively Piece Triggered an International Investigation

Meet Ladybeard, the Crown Prince of Japan’s Strangest Music Scene

Secret Life of a Psych Ward Security Guard

The "Gay for Pay" Porn Star Who Hatched a Million-Dollar Blackmail Scheme

I Was a Chinese Helpline’s Number One Caller. I Had a Problem.

These 1930s Housewives Were the Godmothers of Radical Consumer Activism

Yes, This Meal Is Supposed to Make You Feel Uncomfortable

How the Great California Dispensary Heist Went Horrifically Wrong

How to Survive a Business Trip When You Have Multiple Personalities

These Fearless Females Are Drumming Their Way Into Music’s Biggest Boys' Club

What It's Like to Have a Hypnosis Fetish

The Gay Black American Who Stared Down Nazis in the Name of Love

I’m Nonbinary. I Loved Being Pregnant. It’s Complicated.

How a Brutal Mafia Enforcer Became a Deadly Serious Marathoner

How Treating People With Brain Injuries Helped Me Forgive My Mother

The Strange Life and Mysterious Death of a Panther-Trapping, Gator-Wrestling Wild Man

Mourning My Only Brother... And then Learning I Had Another All Along

This Quadriplegic Daredevil Invented His Own Tech to Race at 130mph

I Didn't Know I Was Trans Until I Got Sober

The Ex-Jehovah's Witness Who Found Her Voice When She Lost Her Clothes

Life Inside a Digital World for Chronically Ill Teens

This Black Woman Was Once the Biggest Star in Jazz. Here’s Why You’ve Never Heard of Her.

The Renegade Fashion Guru Who Wants to Change the Way We Think About Gender

The Fight Over One of the World’s Deadliest Sports

For My Entire Childhood, My Mom Convinced Me I Was Dying

This Crusading Socialist Taught America’s Workers to Fight—in 1929

Secret Life of an Autistic Stripper

They Meet Up in Motels Across America…to Trade Old Beer Cans

The Boy Who Cried Abuse

They Fought and Died for America. Then America Turned Its Back.

He Was Shot in the Back By a Cop…Then Spent 18 Months in Jail

The First Family of Counterfeit Hunting

I Found God at Queer Summer Camp

Where LGBTQ War Refugees Finally Feel Safe

After Years of Tumors, Growing a Baby Instead

She Caught Bullets with Her Bare Hands — and Made Magic's Glass Ceiling Disappear

From Furies to Pickled Pig's Feet—Listen to our Latest Memoir Monday Reading

How to Survive When Everything You Eat Is Poison

My Daughter Is Trapped Under Five Feet of Snow

My Wheelchair Glamour Shoot

The Hidden Queer History Behind "A League of Their Own"

My Childhood in the California Sun Gave Me Skin Cancer...and It Was Worth It

Before Parkland, Santa Fe and Columbine...There Was Concord High

Planning My Wedding as a Nonbinary Bride

This Boy From Mumbai Became the World’s Unlikeliest Crossword King

How a Chinese Farmer’s YouTube Videos Help My Mom Through Cancer

What I Learned at Clown School (and More) — Listen to our Latest Memoir Monday Reading

The Great Unsolved Mystery of Missing Marjorie West

My Life as a Public Health Crisis

How an Army of Suffragettes Helped Save America From Starvation

I'm Not My Mother's Cleaning Lady

This Liberal Cab Driver Is Also West Virginia’s Unlikeliest Politician

How Stripping Made My Family Stronger

The Godfather of Sexist Pseudoscience

How Running Ruined My Relationship, Killed My Faith…and Saved My Life

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When a Chatbot Becomes Your Best Friend

My Perfect Pictures and the Pain Behind Them

How Narratively Contributor Laurie Gwen Shapiro Landed Her First Nonfiction Book Deal

This Corrupt Boss Was Charged With Sexual Harassment—3,000 Years Ago

My Childhood on the Run From the FBI

These 4 Women Are Taking on a Politician Near You

The Passion of a Male Pole Dancing Champion

Confessions of a Competitive Barbershop Singer

The Grieving Mom Fighting for a Healthcare System That Actually Works

This Ferguson Activist Wants to be Missouri’s First Black Congresswoman

How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Pulled Off the Biggest Upset in Congressional History

This Coalminer’s Daughter Is Mad as Hell—And Running for the U.S. Senate

Going to Vietnam to Face My Father's Ghost

The Daring Diplomat Who Proved One Person Can Thwart an Empire

My Teenage Life After Leaving a Cult

The Holocaust Survivors Who Take Care of Their Own

I Wrote Erotica Before I Ever Had Sex

Meet the King of YouTube’s Battle-Rap Videos

Searching for the Woman Who Saved My Immigrant Family from Homelessness

These WWII Veterans Came Home and Launched an Insurrection Against Corrupt Politicians

When You Talk Over My Stutter, You Steal My Voice

Inspired by Black Lives Matter, This Masked Man Patrols Under the Cover of Darkness

Secret Life of a Search and Rescue Volunteer

The Pain and Pride of Britain's Wildest Ballgame

Twenty Years After a Brain Injury, I'm Finally Getting on with My Life. And I'm Terrified.

The Underdog Doctors Who Saved America’s “Blue Babies”

How Dad Lost His Voice — And Finally Learned to Listen

Meet the Women Fighting One of the World’s Most Oppressive Anti-Abortion Laws

A Brain on Fire

Erica Garza on Turning Her Porn Addiction into Literary Gold

The First Black Astronaut and America's Secret Outer-Space Spy Program

How It Feels to Be the Biggest Woman at a Clothing Swap

Their Own Government Killed Their Families. Now These Women Are Helping Each Other Survive.

The Trump Trolls Came for Me a Year Ago, and I'm Still Reeling

The Jehovah’s Witness Kid Who Became a Millennial Sex-Club Guru

I Threw an Effigy-Burning Bonfire for My Female Rage